About 24 kilometres from Oasis Punt-West lies the historic town of Hellevoetsluis. Hellevoetsluis was the fortified town of the naval base until it moved to Den Helder in the thirties and Hellevoetsluis became less and less important for the Dutch war fleet. There are still many old buildings left from that time which you can visit. The old barracks, the refurbished bunkers and the barracks are certainly worth a visit if you are interested in history. For even more history, you can go to the City Museum, where you can see all kinds of objects that were used in daily life in the past. Nowadays, Hellevoetsluis is a modern fortified town with plenty of activities and festivities throughout the year. 

Hellevoetsluis is located by the sea and therefore has many beaches where you can get a breath of fresh air or practise water sports. It also has the largest marina in the Netherlands, so visit it and see all the large ships and boats that are moored here. If you prefer indoor activities, you can go bowling, try an escape room or visit a museum. The nature of Hellevoetsluis is beautiful to walk through. Walk through the green areas, along the water or through the woods. You can also discover this area by bike and cycle beautiful routes in Hellevoetsluis and the surrounding area. After an active day, you can relax at one of the many restaurants or terraces and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink.

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