Ski rental Seefeld

In the local sports shops, it is possible to rent or purchase ski equipment. You will find the best high-quality winter sports brands and will always receive tailored advice from the experts. Experience a carefree and safe holiday with the perfectly fitting equipment. From ski goggles to gloves to helmets, the range of winter sports equipment offered in the sports business is very large. Whichever shop you visit: SKISET of Ski Rent Sportartikel. You are always assured of a high level of service and top quality.


⭐ Adults hire a ski set (with skis, shoes, poles and a helmet) in Seefeld for 6 days from an average of € 120. Prices are subject to change.

When you book your stay at Oasis Princess Bergfrieden you will automaticly receive a discount code for the rental of your ski equipment.

Ski Rent Sportartikel GmbH:

  • Address: Andreas-Hofer-Straße 292
  • Expert advice
  • Top quality & fashionable
  • Wide range of products

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