The 6 greatest activities with children around Oasis Punt-West

Enjoy the surroundings of Oasis Punt-West together with your childrenThere is enough to do to keep your children entertained and something to discover for all ages. Outings are guaranteed to be fun family days. The children can cuddle with goats and see other animals up close, play in a large playground, immerse themselves in the history of trams and bunkers from the Second World War and visit seals. This is all possible in the beautiful surroundings of Oasis Punt-West.

  • For the whole family
  • Goat farm
  • Large playground
  • Seal sanctuary
  • Discover history

#1 Goat farm De Mèkkerstee

At the goat farm De Mèkkerstee, you can spend a day with the whole family. The farm is less than a ten-minute drive from the resort. At this organic goat farm, you can see how goats are given the best care. There is even a wellness area where the goats can relax. At 3.30 p.m., you can watch the goats being milked at the farm from up close. If there are enough lambs, a cuddle corner is set up where your children can cuddle these lovely animals. Besides goats, there are also other animals to admire at the petting zoo. Meet the horses, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs and many more. At the cheese farm, you can see how cheese is made and buy it in the farm shop, along with many other regional products. In between, you can enjoy home-made ice cream or a fresh cup of coffee in the restaurant.


#2 Playground the Flipjes

Ten minutes away is Playground de Flipjes, a playground for children. For only €2 per person you can visit the extensive playground all day. There is plenty to do: climb, slide, play games, swing and much more.

#3 Seal shelter A Seal

The seal shelter A Seal takes in sick and wounded seals. When the seals have fully recovered, they are released. If you are lucky you can also attend such a release. At the shelter, you will learn more about seals and their habitat. There are also regularly changing exhibitions about nature and the environment. The sanctuary is a 15-minute drive from the resort and very interesting for children who love animals. 

#4 RTM Museum 

Go back in time at the RTM Museum and experience the old transportation method yourself by riding in a historic tram. Enjoy the surroundings and get to see what stations and materials back then looked like. At the shop you can buy everything from books to model trains. For a day filled with history, a visit to the RTM Museum is a must. The museum is in walking distance from the resort, within fifteen minutes you can make a journey through time.

''A cosy family day, an experience that makes life richer...''

#5 Inspiration centre De Grevelingen

Beautiful views over the water, playing games or climbing to the top of the watchtower? After a seven-minute drive from the resort, you can experience it all at the Inspiration Centre De Grevelingen. Together with your children, you can learn everything about the environment, Grevelingen and the North Sea. Get ready for a fun, inquisitive day here.

#6 Bunkers

You want an adventurous walk? Stroll along the Bunkers, where you discover the function of the bunkers in the Second World War. An exciting walk in the middle of beautiful nature. Bunker route De Punt is within walking distance of the resort. Within seven minutes you are en route to learn more about this part of history. 

For what age are the activities with children?

There is no fixed age for activities with children. There are various activities in Ouddorp. Of course it differs per age and where the interests lie. During your stay at Oasis Punt-West you can find out which activities are most suitable for your children.

Why book a family holiday in Zeeland with children?

There is so much to do in Zeeland for children. The luxury resort Oasis Punt-West is an ideal base for trips with children. Visit for example De Mèkkerstee goat farm, De Flipjes playground, seal sanctuary A Seal and more.

Which holiday park in Zeeland can I go to with the children?

On the border of South Holland and Zeeland, you will spend your holiday at Oasis Punt-West. This resort in Ouddorp, by the Grevelingenmeer, is the perfect base for fun trips in Zeeland with the children.

What are the best activities to do with children near Zeeland?

There are various activities both on the resort and in the surroundings of Oasis Punt-West. From building simple sand castles in front of your luxury villa to active excursions, there is something for everyone.