Vlissingen is about an hour's drive from Oasis Punt-West and is known for the longest sea boulevard in the Netherlands. You can walk along it and there are several terraces, eateries, and restaurants where you can eat or drink something. Walk straight from the boulevard onto the beach to get some fresh air. From the beach and the Vlissingen boulevard, you can easily see the large sea ships pass by, as they sail remarkably close to the coast, giving you an unobstructed view of the impressive ships. The wind organ on the boulevard can be heard from afar, as the wind almost always blows on the coast.


At the end of the boulevard is a statue of Michiel de Ruyter and here you will also find the Kazematten. This is a monument within a monument, as it is in the Keizersbolwerk and is part of the fortifications. This place was often used to defend against enemy attacks, a popular strategic place to conquer. Currently, it houses a MuZEEum, where you can go back in time and discover history. Het Arsenaal is also a must to visit when you are in Vlissingen, this pirate park and sea aquarium is fun for both young and old. Learn all about pirates and play pirate yourself or watch the beautiful fish in the large aquariums of the North Sea fish collection. 

Discover the nature

For a nice walk through the dunes, you can go in many directions in Vlissingen. With several beaches and rows of dunes, you have plenty of choice. Cycling across the dunes is also highly recommended, as the view across the beach is insanely beautiful. Would you like to take a boat trip? Then take the foot-bike ferry, a ferry for pedestrians and cyclists only, from Vlissingen to Breskens. From the boat, you have a lovely view over the Vlissingen boulevard. Eat fresh fish in the harbour of Breskens and enjoy a day there, before returning to Vlissingen by foot-cycle ferry. A fun day out!

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