Brielle is an old fortified town with a rich history, situated 32 km from Oasis Punt-West. The old fortifications are well preserved and the city also has no less than 400 monuments. If you are interested in history, this city is worth a visit. During a city walk, you can admire the monuments and do some shopping in the meantime. 

Brielle is surrounded by water and polders, a beautiful area to cycle or walk through. On the water, you can also practise various water sports, such as water skiing. At the Watersport Centre Brielle, you can hire a sloop and sail across the lake yourself. Bring along something to eat and drink and enjoy a day on the water. For more of a challenge, you can also hire kayaks or SUP boards here. After a day on the water, you can enjoy a drink and a snack on the terrace of Watersport Centrum Brielle. If you don't feel like going on the water, you can wait here and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

Brielle stad

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